Help Opening Excel and Selecting Existing Workbook

Well, as seen from the photo I uploaded, UiPath requires me to run the repair tool which doesn’t exist! Could anyone guide me please… I heard I must install the so called “Interlop-Excel”, which didn’t get installed when I went through the process.


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  1. Do you have excel installed on system?
  2. What version of studio is it?
  3. And excel add in required 2013 office or plus…is your office 2013+?


  1. Yes
    Questions 2 and 3 can be found in the uploaded image.


I believe these versions might not support…can you try using workbook activities instead of excel activities

In activities search for workbook



Your studio seems old… If you can access AutomationCloud, Officerepair tool can be downloaded from ResourceCenter, as the following.


It seems that in order to access automation cloud, I need to sign in my UiPath studio account. But as this account is just a secondary one to ask questions, I needed my boss’s account as he’s the one who set up UiPath for me. Thanks for the help guys, I guess directly asking him would be faster

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It seems like my boss isn’t free as of now, Is automation cloud the only way to resolve said issue?

So…I directly went to “Run Repair Actions” first…

Should I only run “Excel” based and not others?
Is the error happening because I am not an adminstrator?
Did I miss something?
Damn so many questions.

After everything it still don’t work haha…

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