Error opening workbook. Make sure Excel is installed. Error

Im reading the excel file by using the excel application scope and read range and pushing the data into data base but while runing the flow i facing the problem that show in picture and yes i have installed excel in my device

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Could you please downgrade Excel Package version and then try once.

Hi @swanand_deshmukh

Check whether uipath.excel.activities or Microsoft.Interop Activities are installed

Ashwin S

ok and Thanks!

is that u mean i use older version of excel?

i have the uipath.excel.activites but i search for microsoft.interop.activites in manage packages but could not found this


We have to use Uipath.Excel.Activities only. May I know what version of Excel Package it was installed.

Kindly try with WORKBOOK Activities which has the same set of activities as we have in EXCEL activities
search as workbook in activity panel which will list the set of activities in it
in that case we wont face this issue
Cheers @swanand_deshmukh

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