Error opening Excel file

My UiPath Studio is unable to open Excel file during runtime. The error message displayed is “Error opening workbook. If Excel is installed, run the ‘Repair Tool for Microsoft Office Interop’ from the Tools tab on the Home screen”. I followed this instruction to repair Excel interoperability features and it was successful. However, error still persist even after I restarted my PC.


Do you have MS Excel install in your PC?

If Not, Try with Read Range Workbook activity



Hi Gokul001, thank you for replying. I have MS Office 2013 installed on my PC and is working fine. I tried using the Read Range Activity Workbook activity which you mentioned and it worked. But I still want to solve this issue as I believe that there may be times when I need UiPath Studio to open the Excel file. Do you have any more solution?

Do you need to Open the excel file Right?

Use Excel Application Scope

It will Open the Excel file


If you are using the Modern design you can use the Use Excel activity and enable the property “Keep excel file open”

Else if you are using the classic you can use the Excel Application Scope activity and enable property visible.



So in order to speed up the process that would lead to a resolution to your issue , could you please provide the following details :slight_smile:

  • Studio version
  • Packages version
  • Logs ( C:\Users<user_folder>\AppData\Local\UiPath\Logs )

Also if possible it would be most helpful to us if you could provide the project .