Error: No open windows found for 'excel.exe'

Hi everybody
Has anyone seen the following error before?
No open windows found for ‘excel.exe’. Please check if the application is running.

I’m trying to do the following:
ProcessA invokes ProcessB
ProcessB opens an excel file for editing (via ExcelScope). The file closes.
ProcessB ends.
ProcessA opens the same file for editing (ExcelScope).

Hi @almin.muratagic
Welcome to UiPath community
The excel is opening or not while execution?

Not from ProcessA.

One more thing: If ProcessA DOES NOT invoke ProcessB, then the excel file is opened in ProcessA without problems.

Could you give some delay after invoke process b and check?

I can try.
I’ve set InstanceCachePeriod to zero to shut Excel down as fast as possible.

@almin.muratagic you could add kill process(excel.exe) or close activity after invoke workflow file activity

How I can close an activity manually?

@almin.muratagic I mean click activity on close symbol of excel file