Error Messages not displaying

Hello! Help me please. Error messages no longer appear in “DEBUG” mode after updating the UiPath. How to configure error messages display?

I don’t understand what is happening. It is not possible to test. If there is an error, then execution does not stop. It is not known at what step the error occurred.

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Fine no worries @Violet there are lot more updates to come until 2019.8 becomes a stable version. Please wait, Sure uipath team takes this

@ovi @loginerror @Pablito Kindly help us

I was able to find details on this in the Introduction notes of 2019.8


Validate / Validate All and Error List

You can now scan your entire project for syntax errors and then display them in one convenient Errors pane.


As you can see, it spots the syntax error inside of the invoked workflow:

And this is only the beginning of this functionality.


Complete Revamp of Retry / Ignore / Continue / Break experience to make it easy to troubleshoot

Expand for screenshots


Activities that threw the exception are now highlighted in red

It would be a great help buddy
Thanks for your time on reading this note
Eager to know them @loginerror @ovi @Pablito
I would like to tag @balkishan as he had a post on this query long back and hope your valuable reply would help him as well
Thanks again


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Thanks for the answer!
“Activities that threw the exception are now highlighted in red” - Yes, but how I can find the error text? In this case, the Error LIst is empty.

I am facing trouble to find the error details/error text.
I ran in a debug mode, and the process stopped at activity Get Jobs and the header become Red. If I press f11 then it’s not going to the next activity. But it doesn’t show me an error details not displaying any error popup or show in the Error List.

I’m fed up with new version.
@loginerror @ovi @Pablito Waiting your positive response.


You can run the process without debugging also.

Click on start button and then there you will find option to run without debugging.

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But, I have to run in the debug mode and check each of the activity and the live value, In direct run I can’t see these things.
So in debug mode why these error message poup not comes now. It stopped the process where there is an error in the activity and make the red headers color.
Now how to work in debug mode if there is no error message popup display or error text.

I didn’t get any positive response from UiPath people @loginerror @Pablito @ovi

Earlier I have posted the same.

@Lahiru.Fernando @Palaniyappan kindly reply on this.

Hi, Intentionally I made a mistake in the first activity. But now I want to see the error message what is the exact error. where I can see the error details. in the error error list it doesn’t show any error. Please help.

@Lahiru.Fernando @lakshman

@Palaniyappan kindly reply on this issue

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@balkishan Choose Start File Without Debugging and run


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But I want to debug the process bro. If I select Start File Without Debugging it will run in a Normal mode only.

@balkishan If you want to display error message than you can go with Start File Without Debugging

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Thanks for the response @indra
can you plz tell me what is the diff between these option.

HI @balkishan

Sorry for the late response…

  • Start without debugging
    it will run the project from the very begining without the debug mode. This is equivalent to the RUN option we had earlier. However, I heard some news from couple of people saying that this doesn’t really work in that way. Based on what they said, it runs in the debug mode and stops in break points etc. I’m not sure as I really haven’t gone into testing it…

  • Start File
    Runs only the file you are currently seeing in your screen in Debug mode

  • Start file without debugging

  • Runs the current file you are seeing in the screen without the debug mode… However, if you have any invoke workflows in the current file, those will also get executed in the same approach…



Start Without Debugging Will run entire your project ie from the main file.

Start File Will debug currently active tab xaml file.

Start File Without Debugging Will run currently active tab xaml file.

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@indra @Lahiru.Fernando My main concern is I am not getting any Error popup while running in debug mode, As we had this option earlier.
But this option is not working,means when I run by pressing the f6 it’s running the current xaml file in debug mode, but not throwing any exception on the error activity, it’s just stopped and male the header color Red.

No problem @Lahiru.Fernando. Thanks for you response.

Yeah… happens to me as well… That’s something that took place after the update to the latest version… It highlights in red, but doesn’t show the error in that pop up message we got…

I think there is something wrong with the Studio there as I have also heard many complains around it



The area marked in red is where you can see the error once you are in debug mode the Locals window gets activated and any issue with the current activity will be shown here. Including the in/out variable at runtime. In the Exception area click on the magnifier to see the error.


ooh, so they removed that Message popup option.

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