Discription errormessage


since the latest update uipath studio does not give a clear discription of the error, just a random message. It also does not jump to the failed activity. How can I restore this option?

Hi @Dion,

Use Debug Mode to get more details of the error. It will provide you the extra functionalities and descriptions.

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Debug is way to slow. The error does not occur on every transaction, just once in a while. Cant I just get the info when running the process in normal mode?

Hi there @Dion,
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What is the error you are receiving?
In theory, UiPath should end when encountering an error.

It will only continue in the event you have exception handling, which allows it to continue.
Such as the TryCatch used around the Process State within the ReFramework, which allows all errors to bubble upwards and route accordingly.

Thanks once again for your support,

Hi, it does end but is does not go to the activity where the process failed. It did that in previuous versions. That way you did not have to search for the activity. It also does not give the activity name in the error-message.

Hi @Dion,
Ah, how strange.

Testing on 2021.10.3, when I create a forced failure, the process runs and highlights the activity/brings up a prompt displaying:

I have also used an Invoke Workflow and tested that is highlights the same activity from within the Workflow.

Are you making use of a Library? - If so, the Process will not highlight the underlying activity, only the overarching Library activity.

Unfortunately, I am unaware of any UiPath Studio setting that enables/disables this, but perhaps someone else can support.

Thanks once again for your support,

This is what I get. Just a message where you cannot make any sence of:


This happens in the middle of the flow, not at the start