Error Message-StringConverter cannot convert from System.Double

Hi Team,

I have created an xaml file and prompted this error.
Could you explain why this error prompted.? I have no idea at all on this message.
I have attached the xaml file as well.

Policy ID lookup.xaml (16.5 KB)

Thanks in advance.

@azmee_zainol Change variable type policy_detect to double

Hi @indra,

Do you mean , change the variable type for “policy_detect” from string to double?
I have changed but another error prompted as below.

Change in if condition policy_detect to Policy_detect.Tostring

Hi @indra

The same error still prompted eventho changed to Policy_detect.Tostring in If condition


Hi @indra,

Any advice on this?
I have tried to change to another variable type but another error appeared.


Is it possible to attach your workflow

Hi @indra

Thanks for your time. The issue is resolved. I changed some value in properties.
Thanks again for your advice n time…


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Hi Azmee,

I’m facing the same issue. Can you share what changes you have made to solve this issue?