StringConverter cannot convert from System.Double in Read Cell

Hi Team,

In my input excel file, cell value type is “text” and my output of argument is ‘string’ even though i am getting “StringConverter cannot convert from System.Double

Same thing is working fine with workbook activities .

I am not sure what is wrong with excel application scope and read cell activities, for some input files it is working fine and some input files i am getting this error.

Can you please let us know why it is happening @ovi @loginerror

Best Regards,
Naveen Chaganti.

Hi @Naveen.Ch

Could you attach a sample Excel file that is causing this issue (it can be a new Excel file with some content that will allow you to reproduce the issue, that would be best).

Please also try on the latest Excel activity package.

do we got solution for this ? I m facing this issue even tried changing variable type to double

Hi @renuka.kulkarni

Could you please share a sample new project that reproduces this issue?
Simply create a new project, add minimum amount of activities that will cause this issue and then zip it and attach it here :slight_smile: