Error Message for Filter Data Table

Hi everyone, I’m facing an uninformative error message when using the filter data table activity.
I have output the data table using log message (I have highlighted the relevant column in the log message window at the side).

The error message is: Filter Data Table: Data Table

What does this error message mean? What went wrong?

Many thanks in advance!

Hi @deliateo,

Is vdtsrstatus the name of your data table? Were you able to pass its contents to the outDtSrStatus?

Hi @jcastro, yes it is. It’s just a slightly different naming. :slight_smile:
What are the things that could produce the error message I mentioned for filter data table?

Hi @deliateo,

Can you try using vdtsrstatus as the Input DataTable in the Filter activity? :slight_smile:

Hi @jcastro, vdtsrstatus is just a naming I used for log message. The actual data table is called outDrSrStatus (kindly refer to the screenshot below)


@Palaniyappan Appreciate your help on this! Thank you!

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Sorry for the delay in response
If possible Can I have the screenshot of the actual error because here everything looks fine
You have set the filter and obtained the datatable and passed that to a output datatable activity to get the string output, which looks perfect

cheers @deliateo

Hi @Palaniyappan, that’s alright! I appreciate your help! Here are step by step screenshots of the datatable from construction up till the error. Thank you in advance!

  1. Data table is constructed using build data table
  2. Subsequently I fill up the data table using add data row
  3. I output the data table to log message and it looks fine

  4. Error message when using filter data table activity (error message highlighted at the bottom right of screenshot)
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@Palaniyappan I’ve figured it out, it’s because I declared two variables with the same name so there was a conflict there. Thanks!


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