Error Keyword not supported: dsn when connecting to the Oracle database using Oracle Instant Client


I have issues connecting the Oracle Instant Client to UiPath activity and i get the below error message

. Could someone please help me to get this resolved.

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DSN refers to your datasource.

Have you configured that correctly in Windows OBDC Administrator?

If you have run that you should be able to configure your datasource there


Test your connection here first. Easier to troubleshoot. Once it is successful here, add it to UiPath

@ronanpeter Yes i have already created one in ODBC Data Sources (32 Bit). My windows is 64Bit and heard that UiPath only supports 32Bit

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Can someone help me please. I am stuck in the middle of a project

As @ronanpeter suggested have you tested the connection from the ODBC Data Source Administrator?


If you’re providing a DSN and using ODBC make sure your ProviderName is set to System.Data.Odbc and not System.Data.OracleClient. What does your connection string look like (minus any passwords)?


I have created and tested the connection as you have shown and it connecting successfully. The database i am trying to connecting to is a Oracle Database. and when i change the ProviderName from System.Data.OracleClient to System.Data.Odbc it gives me the below error

What does your connection string look like (minus any passwords)?

Mine is 64bit and I have used it to connect to OracleDB via UiPath

this is my connectionstring “Dsn=BankRec;uid=XXRPA;pwd=xxrpa321” and what is the UiStudio version you use? Earlier i had 18.3 and i had to use 32Bit to connect to Oracle DB but now i have 18.4. So is it 64 Bit it supports now.

"Dsn=dsnname;uid=bob;pwd=abc" would be the correct format with the ProviderName set to "System.Data.Odbc"where dsnname references the Oracle ODBC Driver Configuration.

The last error that you provided, ORA-00904: invalid identifier makes me think your query is not correct. Check the DDL of the table and the query itself.

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This looks like the connection is now working but you are referencing something incorrectly in your statement. an example might be use of an incorrect alias if there are nested SELECT statements in the query

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this is the DSN i have created and i have used this as the DSN name

As we mentioned, looks like an issue with your query now as you are getting ORA-00904: invalid identifier. Check your Query, Alias, Table DDL, and so on for syntax errors related to DEPT_50308.

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Hi Mahesh5502,

@Mahesh5502, Whether this issue is resolved.

Am facing the same issue… Could you please share solution if available?

Hi @Shanmugasundaram_Ven,

Make sure you have created a odbc 32 bit connection to the oracle database using oracle instantclient.

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