Connecting to Oracle ODBC in windows 10

I have pretty much read (I hope) all questions related to successfully connecting to an Oracle database using Microsoft ODBC Driver for Oracle. I even tried the following:

Driver={Microsoft ODBC for Oracle};;Uid=UserName;Pwd=Secret

after replacing server, uid and password. I’m still running into trouble.

Has anyone really solved this other than those being lucky in the first attempt?

Hi @csathys

Does this topic help?

Hello Loginerror

This solution does not say what version of windows they installed in. Besides, Oracle instant client is available in different flavors such as 64 bit, Base package, tools package etc and for various versions such as,,, , etc with being the latest. I’m really confused as to what versions these are referring to.

I have installed Oracle database 11g version 64 bit.

Any help from here?

What provider name have you set your activity too?

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My Procedure have 3 Input arguments and returns 5 Output values.

Let me know how to call PL SQL procedure through UiPath.