Error in UiPath Chatbot - Something went wrong, please check your bot designer

Hello everyone,

I am working on a chatbot using Dialogflow and using for integration

In Dialogflow, getting the replies as expected but while using the chatbot web instance, I’m getting an error “Something went wrong, please check your bot designer

The same setup was working few weeks back but not sure what is the issue for this. Tried recreating all the components and connecting again.
Parameters are showing up correctly in the “Map” tab of

Any advise/suggestion on this?

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Can anyone please help with this?

Tagging few active member i know…
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Hi @rahulsharma - are you seeing this issue in another browser like edge, or is this a chrome only issue?
If this is only occurring in Chrome, it might be due to the samesite flag being enabled.
This is a known issue which currently requires the flag to be disabled: Tips and known issues

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Same issue in all browsers. I’ve integrated it with Slack, same issue there.

I have changed the argument type to object as well, to check if it’s getting passed to orchestrator

But it seems all the intents having the variable are giving the error when they are triggered.

@rahulsharma - thank you for letting me know. Raising this issue internally and will get back to you with updates

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Thank you @Karan, do let us know if there’s any update

Thank you @Karan for the clarity and information on this subject.

Just to mention the solution, currently, the Dialogflow CE and UiPath orchestrator integration using the is only feasible using the classic folder (and not the modern folder) structure.

The error was due to the fact that I was using the modern folder structure and also as I am using the Entreprise Trial Edition, there is no option to create a classic folder there, as of now.

Integration with the modern folder structure might be possible in the future updates but it is not possible now.

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