Error in publish

I checked a couple of times but was unable to find the exact error.

Hi @Anirudh_Tugawe,

Have you had the opportunity to review the following link?


Hello MY, I tried doing your method now it says the publish compilation failed or was cancelled.


Can you click on open logs and share the logs here please


Yes i opened the logs, it redirected me to the folder and it consists of many files, which shall i open and share here?


Execution logs


new 1.xml (12.3 KB)

I was not able to open this file, and was not able to copy and upload but still i managed to do so, please check it once and also let me know what the right way to share this file is in future.

Thanks In advance.

Anil Sir, even though I tried to create a new queue item and tried to publish it still it throws the same error.


you would see logs files and not xml files can you please check


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