Publish to orchestrator error

I’m having difficulties publishing an automation to the manager.

Could you help me with this error?


can you check if you are connected to orchestrator please?

here and in the assistant

it should show connected,


Hi @Paulo_Diego_Campagnini ,

Did you delete the main.xaml?

If so, then please mark the current sequence as Main and try again.

Kind Regards,
Ashwin A.K

Hi @Paulo_Diego_Campagnini
Try deleting the .settings
Check of any workflow has annoying character like “%20@”, if yes → remove them
Check if any of the file is having active reference to other location’s file (macro/vlookup in use)

Try opening the main file after all this ( If there is NO MAIN set a xaml as Main)
then try publishing

If still error, try publishing a blank RE Framework process to check if that is working.


Just add to it Please check if your user has rights to upload the package to the Orchestrator.

Please see Check any Firewall / Antivirus is blocking the connection with orchestrator

Also while publishing make sure you are publishing the package to right folder. Like below.


Good afternoon, first of all thanks for the quick responses.
I’ll do the tests and let you know

Where do I find this configuration?

Check your .screenshots folder (and the other folders). With too many files, the project becomes too large to publish.

My screenshot folder for this project has 120 captures.

I couldn’t solve my problem about publishing the project :confused:

What is the size limit for publishing the project?

I don’t think there is a strict limit, it’s just that as they get larger they sometimes won’t publish.

You have multiple subfolders in your project. Go to Windows Explorer, right click the main project folder, select Properties. What’s the total size?