Installation issue in community edition 2019.4.0

Hi , i have downloaded the community edition from uipath and after download i got the application “UiPathStudioSetup.exe” file version “” but it never install in the system and every time it says installing but it shows directly “UiPathStudio” template and wizard for development.
Problem we are facing while running this …its asking for license activation.
Hello anyone can suggest me …is it work like this or i missed something during installation.

Thanks for suggestion



I think you did not install it properly and first uninstall it and then try to install it again.

@lakshman ,as per your suggestion i have done the same …but problem is still same.


Could you please help him to resolve this issue.

Try activate again with community license, renew your license if needed (more then 3 month) UiPath

Hi @MradulGupta

Have you managed to solve this issue? It would be helpful to know your exact steps from the moment you run the .exe installer to the moment it causes the issue (of not being able to register).

The suggestion to renew the license here might be a good one, followed by Studio restart.

One other way would be to get your license from the Orchestrator CE, as shown here:

(it’s a different error, but similar solution)

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Hi team
I am also facing the same issue - each time when i click on .exe file it asks for my email for community edition. Upon providing the same, there is no installation but studio starts for working…

Can i get a link for setup file where i can install it in system…the current setup works more like a portable edition

V 2019. 4

Hi @ganeshs09

Any chance there is a software in your computer that would sandbox the installer? I know for sure it happened to me earlier with Comodo firewall, It would run it in a sandbox and no files would get copied to the folders in %userprofile%.

no…there is nothing like that installed in my pc…but the setup file just consist of only 1 .exe file which does not make any sense
if it was a .zip i can understand but this one is odd…have i received a wrong link in mail

Please go to this folder and see if there are files in there:

There will be for sure if you run the .exe file at least once.


there are installed files present over there …got it …thanks for the help…

it did not asked me anything during installation due to which i did not knew about it …once again thanks

Thanks for your Support. All files are present there.
once again thanks.