Error in Form Extractor in Document Understanding


Iam facing issue when need to create template in Form Extractor

Hi @Tejaswini_Yadav1

You need to pass the sample document path in template document property.

i have pass the sample document


In document Type you mention:Invoices
In template document given is:Invoice8.tiff

i think some other technical issue

Hi @Tejaswini_Yadav1

I am also same error
I could solved the issue.
The pdf was protected, and it prevented from reading.
Unprotect the file and I was able to create a template.

I hope it helps!!

File is in tiff format

Choose any one OCR and try again.

i try getting same error


Try to upgrade the package

everything i try i dono hw to solve

Try with different templates.


Remove Form Extractor activity and reassign it.


Sorry, For the above misunderstanding,

The Document Understanding of invoice type in UiPath contains the following extensions:


These extensions are supported by the UiPath Document Understanding framework for invoice processing. The framework uses artificial intelligence (AI) to extract data from these documents, including invoice number, invoice date, invoice amount, and other relevant information.

It is important to note that not all invoices with these extensions will be processed successfully by the UiPath Document Understanding framework. The framework is trained on a specific set of invoice templates, and it may not be able to extract data from invoices that do not match these templates.

ok , than which activity need to use


Please refer this


Try with ML extractor or Regex extractor


Try to change the template document

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