Using Form Extractor but shows not extracted in Present Validation Station

Hi, I am designing a process flow to obtain data from invoices of different formats.I have created the temlate for different types. But when I run the process and check in the Present Validation Station it shows not extracted for all the fields. I am attaching the screenshot for better understanding.

The process flow:-

Kindly help.

Hi @Mohak_Tandon

We cannot extract the fields by using form extractor if the structure of the document changes.

You can use regex or machine learning extractor.

could you check if you have configured the extractors in ‘Data Extraction Scope’ Activity?
Also, if the templates are changing , I would recommend you to use a ML extractor. We have an OOTB Invoices model which you can try out:

To narrow down the issue i used two pdfs as templates and then gave those pdfs as input but still it fails

OK i will try a ML Extractor


  • The Form Extractor allows you to define multiple templates for the same document type, and, at run-time, it:

  • identifies the best matching template for the incoming document and document type

  • applies the template matching algorithm, based on page-level anchors, to each page from where data needs to be extracted (missing or repeating pages are not supported)

  • applies all field-level anchor settings to each page, to capture values associated with any potential matches

  • reports the identified information from the target value areas.

It also supports fine-tuning of checkbox / boolean field processing, by allowing the configuration of “Synonyms for Yes” or “Synonyms for No” value, according to your use case.

This extractor does not have learning (training) capabilities and requires configuration.