Filter Data table with specific column

Hi, How can i use filter data table activity but the column name is not in first row.
For ex:

The highlighted column


IF you read in the datatable from row 7 onwards you can make that your header row and then filter.


dt.Rows(5).ItemArray(12).ToString,this is my code,
it return the column i wanted but once it run,
this kind of error return:

you can see my reply below :slight_smile:

In read range range activity mention the range as “A7” buddy so that it starts to read from A7 and add headers option enabled will take the first row as headers buddy…by that way you can access the column names and apply filter datatable buddy


Buddy the column name PMT MTHD but you have mentioned in filter datatable column as just pmt
thats why buddy @mashy2

And i understood that you have passed the variable as pmt but it should be of type datacolumn…is that in that type buddy…?

@Palaniyappan elaborated what I said but you need to read the datatable in exactly as you want it.

Or amend the datatable once you read the whole excel in and add your headers

The column that i want to read is: Pmt Mthd.
I use assign activity for pmt =dt.Rows(5).ItemArray(12).ToString to get value of Pmt Mthd as i shown in screenshot.
Then i assign back the pmt in filter data table activity and got error return.
Im not sure where you see PMT MTHD in the screenshot i highlighted :slight_smile:

Alright buddy @mashy2 that pmt variable must be type datacolumn and not string and you cannot pass a cell value like this dt.Rows(5).ItemArray(12).ToString for column field and it should be like this


in the column field of filter datatable buddy

thank buddy for your time to reply me .

Got any idea why error still return?

Buddy @mashy2 better dont use any variable. Straight away go to filterwizard pass the cpls_dt as input datatable and in column field enter the column name of that column , just name, no quotes around…or enter as cpls_dt.Columns(12)…

Try this buddy lets try to sort this out


thanks so much buddy! :slight_smile: :fist_left:

Thats great, cheers buddy keep going

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