Error in creating variabe

I am not able to create variable

Hi @sachi007,

How are you trying to create variable ? What error are you facing ??

Vishal Kumar

what problem you r facing?

I have installed 2018 version Uipath. On Top where we see so many option like Recording etc. Instead of creating variabe there is ony one option is showing Unused Variable. First time I have installed it and I am new to the RPA so pls help me.

@sachi007 In the bottom you can see variable panel there you can create variables

Thanks@indra and other member for your valuable support. I will try it and if I get any error I will disturb you all.


You can attend the free training from
Its very detailed and helpful.

I am trying in doing Excel Automation. When I run the process it says
image . Peae help

Is this correct step which I am doing for Excel automation


close the excel before using it via process, you may have done some changes to it and excel will not allow access to it

nope, use row(“Emp ID”)

Thanks it working but now this error is showing

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is variable “data” of type dataTable? can you see what is the error indicated?

Is there any way to clear the Uipath Assignment 1. Please help me.

I did not get your question? The way to do it is to complete the assignments and upload and evaluate a passing score.

If you are getting any roadblock on the technical side the community is here to assist you.
Please let us know what issues you are facing and we will help you. :slight_smile:

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Hi Nadim,

I don;t have a IT background. I am totally new to RPA. I am getting confused How to start assignment 1 and how to input the variable and where to use variable. I really want to make my career in automation. I have been given 2 days from company to complete the assignment 1 and 2.

Well i dont think there is a compulsion of having an IT background to be able to do RPA.
There are a lot of non-IT people here already developing classy automations :wink:

First, to do the assignments, just read the pdf word to word and follow each step.
Second, if some steps still confuse you search the community forum if any prior threads are created for your issue, if not create one yourself and then im sure all the lovely people here will be more than glad to help you :slight_smile:

Little focus and im sure you will overcome the confusion how things are getting connected between flows and will become a Robot Master :robot:

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I don’t know whether I will complete assignment or not but I really like the way people in this community are helping each other. It really commendable. Thanks once again @nadim.warsi

you can and you will is the spirit. :slight_smile:
Message me directly if you have too many question to ask. Ill help as much as i can.

Yup , its the friendliest community you see :heart_eyes: