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I get and error and i have no idea what does it mean and how to cope with it. Also I just wanted to check if I understand well - so if I will use later to write variable “name” it will write “Robert”?

In the lession menitoned in the topic there is a video showing ui path studio and how to create first project, activites etc. When I follow the steps and creat first activitiy “Assign” exactly as it is in the video so in 1st field i enter “Name” and in 2nd “Robert” i get a blue warning in top right “one or more children have validation errors or warnings” and next to the first field "Compiler errors encountered expression “Name”. “Name” element is not declared. IN/OUT file functions are available in name extent "Microsoft.VisualBasic"uipath-q-1

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Hi Kamil,

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You have to declare your variable first.

You can do it in a two way, directly from variable pane this will you can find at below side. You have to create variable of Name and Type should be String.

Or in assign activity click ctrl+k then enter your variable name and hit enter. It will create you a variable of generic type which can handle string.


You have to create a variable name. You can create it in the variable pane or by ctrl+k in this assign activity followed by setting up the variable name

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Thank guys for a quick help!! Seems i just should play next lesson I that info was also there :wink:

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