Error in anchor base not working

Hello there,

Can anyone guide me why the anchor base is not working?
It keeps showing this error. Any area that I have done wrongly?

Hi @WS_Chai

This error occurs when the Activity could not find the right element with the time that is set at the time-out of the activity. This would mean that either the selector is not correct or that the information was not on the screen.

Please debug and tune the Selectors.


Hello @WS_Chai ,

Please try to inspect the element and select proper selector.Better to use App/Web recorder or Ui Explorer. Also you can try adding some delay if there is a slownesss in loading the application.

Hello Rahul,

Thanks for replying, I am new to UiPath.

I wish to click the above buttons (i.e. show formula> error checking> next etc) and use GetText activity to extract the error details from a list of excel files.

However, I am not sure how to make the selectors more general.

Below in green are the examples of the current selectors. Could you please let me know how to correct it?

Hi @WS_Chai ,

Are you using the App/Web recorder to create the workflow? If you are new to Uipath, can you please try with App/Web recorder? It also works on an anchor base element identification. It will be helpful for you to complete the workflow.

If you don’t want to go with recording, in the Ui explorer, try to indicate on the same element and if there are any fields like cls,idx or something which are dynamic, plz remove them.

Below videos may help you.

Dynamic selector: UiPath- Dynamic selectors |How to pass variables & Wildcards in selectors|Interview Questions - YouTube
App/web recorder: UiPath- App/Web Recorder| How to use the recorder?|New recorder in the modern UiPath studio - YouTube

Hi @WS_Chai ,

It looks like you are trying to Automate task related to Excel Application.

Could you explain us what is the Task that you are trying to do ? We may be able to do it in the Background instead of using UI Operations.

The selector for the Error Checking button is unique enough so you don’t need Anchor Base here. (According to my experience Anchor Base is usually a hit or miss either way.)

But you need to make sure the the button is visible by clicking the Formulas tab first.