Error HRESULT: 0x800A03EC

Hey community,

I am trying to run a process where Excel has to write data into an excel file (it has to create the file). I get the following error:
I already read most of the entries regarding the error on the forum but nothing is working. Have tried a Kill Process activity before and also a delay before the read range activity.
According to task manager, no Excel is open. The process runs fine when I just run the function but not within the state machine.

Anybody any idea?

1.) Make sure the path you’re providing in the Excel Application Scope is valid. Set a breakpoint and verify this in the locals section.

2.) Make sure there is nowhere else in your process where you open the workbook. Even if you kill the Excel process, the workbook can still be locked by a different process.


Please verify the below

  1. Is the below expression returning the correct value ?
    specihoertQueue +“Queue.xlsx”

Before Excel application scope.Use a write line to verify the same. Ideally the output should be

Path / Queue.xlsx

2.If the above is correct , make sure the create new file option is checked in the Excel application scope.

  1. You can try to create Excel by using workbook activities.

  2. Put a kill process on top of Excel manipulation steps and kill Excel before proceeding.


Thanks @mukeshkala and @Anthony_Humphries.

it was the path that was incorrect and I just didn’t see it. I checked in various “write lines” but I only saw it when a colleague wrote a log message for it - then I saw that something was missing.

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