How to add elements in queue in UiPath?


I want to add elements in Queue orchestrator. And fetch it into another side.

Is it possible to add elements in Queue orchestrator?

use Add queue item activity in your studio and you can add queue item and you can retrieve using get queue item.

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You may wanna have a look at these links:

Here is the documentation for the rest of orchestrator activities

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Thanks for replying @Divyashreem,
I had try that, when I use Add Queue Item activity add argument in ItemInformation variable Item datatype UiElement and run it. It will throw an error like:-

Is there any solution for this??


can you send screenshot of properties of addqueueItem activity.?

Here is the screen shot

a small question, is it possible to add 3 values in queueName in UI path studio …image

I have to divide mz tasks among 3 different robots

yes you can,
Iteam information is a collection there is no restriction for that.