Error happens whenever I modify Data Table Filter Activity

Dear all,

Whenever I use Datatable Filter Activity, Error happens.
I copied this activity from other process that I already made.
In case that I don’t modify anything, it works well with original condition.

However, If I modify anything in ‘Datatable Filter Activity’ such as add condition…,
Error happens like below.
“Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation”

(Although I create new activity, Problem is same. Error happens when I modify anything…)

Is there something that I have to check?


Hi! @Printf7, welcome to community!

once try to change the output DataTable.


Thanks for your advice!

However, it doesn’t work…
Problem is same and If tried it over 2 times, UiPath Studio has stopped working.

Hi! Once restart your PC/Laptop and try it again