I am currently practicing the "excel application and specefic activities" module but my output file isnt created as shown in the video and also on running the program it gives the following error

Runtime execution error 14-03-2021 14_26_22


The Error Says - For the DataTable mentioned in the Filter DataTable activity - There is some exception in the Column Name.

Now as seen in the screenshots , there are 2 FilterDataTable

  1. Rename the Activities so that you differentiate , which one is having Error

  2. The DataTable used as Input in the Filter Datatable should have the columns used in the Condition - Please validate that by running the flow in the Debug Mode and checking the Values in the local panel while Debugging.

  3. Validate the DataTypes are Correct in the DataTable and Correct Filtering Logic is applied as per the DataType.

For Eg- If you are getting a String Variable - You cannot Directly have a check of string with Int32 or ant other dataType…


its the second filter table but i checked everything is same as in the uipath video itselfexcel - UiPath Studio Community 14-03-2021 20_42_39

Can you validate the Filter Rows as well - Also Please run the flow in debug mode and see if you are getting the values correctly in the DataTable you are applying Filter Activity.