Error detecting project version (on vm)

I keep getting error “Error detecting project version” when running my 19.7.0 project on 18.4.1 VM.

I have read up here but none of the solutions work for me.

  1. I am unable to change version on robot at this time.
  2. Rebooting VM did nothing
  3. Modifying the .json by hand is overwritten when publishing with UiPath or when creating custom .nupkg

Is there a way to stop UiPath studio from overwriting my .json? are there any other options?

@rankifyhc Take a back up of the project folder a and delete json file from the project folder and check.

@indra I know this is a popular answer, but it doesn’t work for me and makes little sense to me.

When I remove .json, a new one gets created automatically prior to deploy. My problem is I need a way to deploy without UiPath having the final control over my .json. It will just replace it with schema 4.0 when i may need 3.2 to run on 18.4.1