Error detecting project version occurs

Hello Community,

today I worked with a workflow, which runs problemlessly with UiPath 2019.6, an which throws an error with UiPath 2019.7:

RemoteException wrapping System.Exception: Error detecting project version

System.NotSupportedException: Error detecting project version
   at UiPath.Project.ProjectData.WorkflowDataUpgrade.GetLatestProjectData(String projectContent, Dictionary`2 availablePackages)
   at UiPath.Project.WorkflowProjectRepository.OpenProjectFromText(String projectContent, String projectPath)
   at UiPath.Service.Impl.ExecutionManager.Job.OpenProjectAsUser(WorkflowProjectRepository projectRepository, String projectPath, ImpersonableIdentity identity)
   at UiPath.Service.Impl.ExecutionManager.Job.GetProject(ImpersonableIdentity identity)
   at UiPath.Service.Impl.ExecutionManager.Job.<Start>d__29.MoveNext() 

As suggested here I deleted the project.json file and generate a new one, but without any effect, the error throws again.

How can I eliminate this error?

Thanks for hints and tips.
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Hi @StefanSchnell

Actually, this error happens before the Robot service did not catch up with the Studio update (thus you are trying to run 2019.7 process on a 2019.6 robot service.
Most annoyingly, this bug manifests itself every other version (with a different error message every time :sweat_smile:)

The easiest fix is to restart your machine, this should get the new Robot service started.
If not, a clean install from 2019.7 will surely do the trick :slight_smile:



Good Morning Maciej,
thank you very much, a restart solves the problem.
For better understanding: I use UiPath in a VM and in a normal case I never restart it, only suspend.
Is it generally better, after an UiPath update, to reboot the machine? (As behavior rule :wink:)
Thanks and best regards

It is still treated as a bug by our team, it should normally restart the robot service without any issue :slight_smile:

However, if there is any type of misbehaviour after an auto-update, restart is advised.

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