Error: Couldn't find any user with unattended robot permissions in the current folder. (#1671)


After Publish , Add the process Into new folder in orchestrator. And Run from New folder.

Note:- Don’t add process in default folder of Orchestrator .if it is not running from orchestrator then run from UiPath assistant.


Yeah bro

i created a new folder for my work

facing same error

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Open the assistant ,preferences- go to orchestrator settings then click on disconnect.
after disconnecting, select machine key from connection type dropdown ,then type machine name, the provide orchestrator URL.

go to your orchestrator copy the link upto orchestrator_

if machine key is available then try to connect

then exceute the process from orchestrator.


Go to Orchestrator β†’ Tenant β†’ Manage Access β†’ Edit your user β†’ Unattended setup β†’ Allow unattended robots to run automations as this user β†’ Use a specific Windows user account. Add credentials below β†’ provide Domain\Username and the Windows password β†’ Update


Add your user to the modern folder where you want to run the process.


Thank you bro @marian.platonov

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