Couldn't find any user with unattended robot permissions in the current folder. (#1671) when trying to run a process

I keep getting this error. I have checked to ensure the license is assigned to the machine, but it still keeps saying that it’s not licensed. Any thoughts?

i think you have not assigned the machine to that folder. try

click your working folder clicking on manage mahine and assign that machine to your folder.

Hope it works

  • Go to Tenant → Manage Access → find your Robot/user → Edit → in the Unattended setup, enable it and provide the Domain\Username, Windows password → Update
  • Go to the Modern Folder → Users → add the Unattended robot user to the folder

Note: Add the below roles for your user in Orchestrator

Allow to be Automation User, Robot, and Automation User at the Tenant level


Automation User and Robot at the folder level (in the folder where the process is present)