Error Code 1852

Hi folks, I have three robots running and taking transaction from queue and processing. However suddenly it started throwing error 1852 at set transaction status activity and it stopped making new queue into inprogress. what is the possible reason. i encounter issue when i run all three robot together

Hey, i was doing a research about this error code because happened with me a couple days ago and i found this, hope this work for you.

Hi in my case bot was changing the transaction to inprogress but after next run it stopped changing status and bot started hitting this error. i not make any changes in code also

Hi @Kedar_Tawal

Error 1852 in UiPath indicates a “Transaction Already Closed” error. This error typically occurs when a transaction is already marked as completed or closed, and you try to update its status again using the “Set Transaction Status” activity.

In your scenario, where you have three robots running simultaneously and encountering this error, it is possible that multiple robots are trying to update the status of the same transaction at the same time. This can happen if the transactions from the queue are not properly assigned or distributed among the robots, resulting in a race condition where multiple robots try to process the same transaction.