Error: "AsEnumerable" not part of "System.Data.DataTable"

I ran into this error earlier today and after reading a similar post. Maciej suggestion “Some dependencies are missing”, pointed me in the right direction. It made me think to check for a later version and I found the following.

I uninstalled the original and installed UIPath.System.Activities version19.12.0 preview, and this made the error for “AsEnumerable” not part of “System.Data.DataTable” disappear, which was my issue.

I also saw a note in the video I was watching with the following recommendation.

When I checked my xaml file, the Assembly reference had been added as a result of installing the latest version. So, it appears the UIPath team solved the problem and it works great for my issue.

One question I have pertains to doing the reinstallation each time I create a new Blank Process or new REF Template. Would one alternative be to load that new Assembly into the default xaml files? Or is there a better approach?

Thanks Maciej for your suggestion. Hope this helps anyone else who may be running into this error.

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Once WE do face the Error Message WE Just add the Missing namespace manually. This ist solving without any reinstallations or Others removal. Just Close and reopen the xaml

Manually Addition

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Thank you