Compile Error: "AsEnumerable" is not a member of "System.Data.DataTable"

I’m trying to Add this string DT1_completed.AsEnumerable().Any(Function(x) x(“Account Type”).ToString =“DOSRI”) inside an IF activity. I get this error–>
Compile Error: “AsEnumerable” is not a member of “System.Data.DataTable”

I tried creating a new script and it’s working but in the script I’m working keeps getting this error.

Appreciate any help

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@VegitlX_HuNteR Follow these Steps and Check :

  1. Open your Main.xaml File in Notepad or Notepad++ or any other Editing Tool.
  2. Then Add the Highlighted Reference as an Assembly Reference in the Assembly Reference Section as Shown in the Below Image.

Make sure to Close your xaml and then after the Edit open it again. :sweat_smile:

  • Is this a bug?
  • will this affect the script script that i have if I add this?
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@VegitlX_HuNteR Kind of a Bug :sweat_smile:, Yes It will affect, It will add the DataSetExtension Assembly, Not any damage to your Original project though if you add the Assembly Reference Carefully as mentioned.

This link may help you, @VegitlX_HuNteR

This is what it shows in the projet I’m working on.
the tag shows <x:String> and not .

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@VegitlX_HuNteR Can you Scroll Down and Check :sweat_smile:

Found it :sweat_smile:


@VegitlX_HuNteR Was it already present or did you add it now?

Already added it and the initial test did work :sweat_smile: still testing further if this really 100% functioning. Will let you know once done doing the test.

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It works perfectly updating the xaml with the line you mentioned.
Thanks for your help “again”