Error 1697 for trying to execute tests

I am using the trial version of UiPath to show to my company how it could automate my testing in hopes that they invest in the product. When trying to execute test cases in the orchestrator I am getting the 1697 error message. I read through the forum for solutions to this problem and people say you need to match up the studio version and orchestrator version, so right now i have studio 22.4.1 installed on my computer and orchestrator 22.4 on the UiPath Cloud and still getting this message, is there anybody that can help me out? If i can’t get this to work then unfortunately my company will not proceed in UiPath as an automation solution.

Hello Stephen,
I just want to make sure that you are running your test automation through Testing tab in orchestrator and also you create Test Automation project from studio if you do all that please show us steps for running this process.

test automation project made, sequence created using the app/web recorder, sequence changed into test case, test case published to orchestrator, executed on orchestrator thru testing tab, test stuck in pending (my assistant is connected to orchestrator), tried to create an automation job to see if my bot was connected correctly from a video i found online and this error came up and can’t figure out how to get it to work

Hello @Stephen_O_Connor ,

Inorder to check whether this is a Assistant to orchestrator connection issue. You can create a very simple project, which is having a message box and publish it to orchestrator.
Then try to execute the process.

Hope in Uipath assistant you are able to see connected and you have conneted with machine key and orchestrator url.

For Test automation clarification you can watch the below video. It is having set of 10 videos which can give you an understanding about the setup and usage of different activities.

this is great thank you i will watch and hope to have solved my issue