Error 1101 in HTTP request

I am getting error message while adding queue items through orchestrator API in HTTP request…Can anyone help me regarding what is the error…?
I have attached a screenshot.API



Did you manage to find a solution to this issue? If so please could you share it?

I’m using the Orchestrator API v2017.1 now and am getting the same error message when Organization Units are enabled.


Hi Callum,

Are you using Orchestrator CE: or another Orchestrator?

I’m using my own instance of Orchestrator hosted in an Azure App Service.

And do you have Organization units enabled in web.config?

Yes I have it enabled and I have created two organization units, let’s call them Unit1 and Unit2. I’m trying to perform a query just on Unit1.

Does this error occurs when calling any method?

Yes this is happening for every query or function other than authenticating.


In order to solve your issue, you’ll have to add the following argument to the header: X-UIPATH-OrganizationUnitId

In order to identify your OU id please follow the next steps:
-open the developer tools (F12) when you’re logged in to Orchestrator and you’re in the correct OU
-click Network tab
-make any call by accessing another page in Orchestrator
-in the Network tab, click on one of the GET requests.
-check the Header, the X-UIPATH-OrganizationUnitId should be present and you can identify your OU’s ID


Thanks, that worked.

I checked and you can also get the Organization Unit ID from the [OrganizationUnits] table in the database rather than having to switch between the OU’s in the Orchestrator UI and keep checking the headers.


In the odata query how did you declare the organizational unit? Can you provide a sample odata query showing how you made it work?

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You would need to declare it at the header level as follows:

X-UIPATH-OrganizationUnitId: “1”

This is how it looks in postman.


Hi @svillalobos

How to make this call from Swagger ? Do I need to install postman to make this call ?


Hi @vijayakumarkj

Swagger authenticates automatically based on the Orchestrator instance you have opened in the same browser window :slight_smile:

Hi @loginerror

Swagger fails with error 1101 in Production environment. But it does not occur in Non Production environment.

What could make this difference between those two environments?

Thank You

Do you maybe use folders/ organizational units in your production environment? I found out that error 1101 means that “An organization unit is required for this action.”.

I would indeed suggest you to try with Postman and the extra header, as mentioned here:


How does swagger context handle different organizational units / folders?

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