Delete process schedule using orchestrator API

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How to delete a process schedule using the orchestrator API ?

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It would use the following:!/ProcessSchedules/ProcessSchedules_DeleteById

Do you have a example using the Orchestrator HTTP Request Activity ? I’m looking for the payload to delete the schedule. Thank you for your attention.

just replace those with your url and you will see all documentation…

The Orchestrator API delivers the response Body:

“message”: “An organization unit is required for this action.”,
“errorCode”: 1101,
“resourceIds”: null

In this topic the solution is to supply the organization Unit ID in the headers section, however, i am not able to change headers in the Orchestrator HTTP Request activity.

Any ideas ?

Maybe then you will need to use regular http request activity for this…

I just resolve the issue,when running the request using the custom orchestrator activity, the organization unit id is not required.
Thank you for your attention.

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Hi @EduardoSanglard

For the future, feel free to do the action you want to do on an Orchestrator web page while inspecting the network tab for the Orchestrator API call that will happen via your browser. It will give you the exact input data you should provide in your API calls and will allow you to debug the issue much faster.


Thanks for the tip :+1:

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