Erro ao tentar reproduzir tutorial Uipath

Pessoal estou tentando reproduzir esse artigo mas esta ocorrendo esses erros:

Outro problema que a activie “add to collection” não encontrei ela foi substituida por outra?


  1. Yes add to collection is replaced with append item to collection
  2. Listusstates - change the variable type to system.collections.generic.list and select string under it
  3. Initializing a list ia done like this listusstates= new list(of string)
  4. Then use append item to collection for adding items to list
  5. In for each datatable I am not sure what you are trying to do but it looks mostly wrong

Hope this helps


@Anil_G Hi,
What I’m trying to do is create an automation to read a txt file and select 10 records and search a web system until the end of the txt file

So I’ll research 10 out of 10


So did you read the text file and then converted it to datatable using generate datatable?

And then looping through the datatable to get the each row values?

Then for eqch row you need to use currentrow(0).Tostring this will give you the value of the first column and each row will be printed if you give this inside for each row in datatable and a log message

And i hope remaining this are clear to you


This I was able to do by transforming the txt into a datatable and with for each row read record by record.

But I’m trying to make it take 10 simultaneous records and put it to execute the search

Because searching 1 by 1 takes too long


Please try this

1.use for loop and in argument enumerable.range(0,math.celing(dt.rowcount/10)).toarray() and set type argument to int32

  1. Use assign activity str =String.Join(Environment.Newline(),Dt.AsEnumerable.Select(function(x) x(0).tostring).skip(currentitem).take(10))

This will get 10 lines concatenated with newline and gets into a string variable

Then you can use eqch to be entered as one

First step i counted the rows and divided by 10 as you wnated 10 rows to be combined i ran loop those many times

Inside used a query to get the reuired items in sets of 10 and joined them with new line as required in your application