Conversion of Data table to Entity


I’m working on a UI Automation where I need to extract data into a data table and then store it into an entity, so that I can use that entity as a data source for Edit Grid in my UI Path app.
But as I was trying to convert the data table into entity, I was required to change it into a collection, then add it into the entity.
The problem here is in the new update, I’m unable to find Add Collection activity.

So can anyone suggest any ideas to convert a data table into an entity?

Thanks in advance!

Have a look at this activity:

myList = myList.Append(myItem).toList

Appending to a Collection means that there needs to be at least one item in the collection to append another right?
Or is it possible to add items even if there aren’t any items in the collection?

we can also use an empty collection at the begin

myList = new List(Of MYDATATYPE)()

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Also take a note at this activity:

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This is the final process I did… referred to a tutorial from YouTube and used “Append Item to List” activity in the place of “Add to Collection” activity.

YouTube tutorial I used :

Thanks for the response!

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