2022.10.3 / windows: Append item to collection new activity does not work like the activity before

Hello Together,

my use case is to migrate data from a data table to data service. In between I transfer the data to a collection. Therefore, I used to use the activity “add to collection”.

This activity has been replaced by the activities “append item to list” and “append item to collection”. But both activities do not work like the activity “add to collection”. It is necessary to add an output variable, which can only be a list and not a collection of data service.

Any ideas? Thank you!


was the typeargument set as needed?

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@ppr the properties have no type section anymore. That is the main difference. Hence, one can’t set the type.

this behaviour occurs in some certain combination of Studio Version, selected TargetFramework, Version of UiPath.System.Activities…

In some combinations with Package up/downgrades it came back.

Have a look here, similar to your scenario:
List1 was defined as a List(Of Double). The Datatype is used for deriving which type of items are valid:

So, it is about datatypes defiitions

However, as an alternative we can do it also directly as described here:

Feel free to share with us your details: UiPath Version, Targetframework, UiPath.System.Activities Version, VB or C#? And also your variable definitions and its datatypes … Based on this we can check also for suggestions on up/downgrades

Hi @ppr,
thanks for the details. I have found a workaround but I still think there is a bug in the activities.
Thank you for the link to the linq tutorial. I suppose that is the best way for the future.

I think the property section is not supposed to come back in the new activities. The properties will all be included in the activity card.

I think there is a slight misunderstanding of my problem.

Variable of collection is correct:

Variable of the element is correct:

But to add the item, the output variable has to change to the same variable as the initial collection. And that is not possible in the card. And the new activity set has no properties and will not get them in the future (second screenshot in german).

My version is the following. Downgrading the version or not using windows is not suitable for me. As stated before, I have a workaround but in case there is a bug, I hope UiPath will fix it for the future.

  • UiPath Version: 2022.10.3

  • VB, Windows

  • System Activities v22.10.3

  • Framework: Flowchart

Thanks for the details:

A similar setup:

we do have following activities:


Append item to List:

we do have the typeArgument

Append item to Collection:

here the typeArgument is derived from the settings. We do adapt by:

  • regulating the datataype of given collection
  • the items are of the derived datatype
  • the returned result will be a List of the datatype which was derived

We recommend not to use CTRL+K within the differen fields. Instead use the variable/Datamanager panel and configure the datatype there in advance before using it within the Activity Card

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