Enterprise Trial On Premise Limited Access

We’ve installed UiPath enterprise and activated supplied trial orchestrator license on premise. The issue is that there is missing functionality we can’t get access to machines we can only view tenants on orchestrator but we can’t do anything with them except enable or disable them. We can’t even link UiPath to orchestrator as we have no abiility to view get machine key inside tenants. Is that how the license is setup or did we do something wrong ?


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May be your setup is not complete…how did you create tenant?

Is the iis servers linked properly?

Ideally once you click on created tenant orchestrator pages would be visible

Please provide more details to help better or try connecting with UiPath team directly


Good day @Anil_G

Sorry for the delayed response I had other commitments. The orchestrator was installed using a trial license and once we logged in using the default admin account we created the tenants without issues but we noticed that we could not click on them in order to expose the details like machine key in order to link orchestrator to the robot application.

How is IIS supposed to be setup in a windows server 2012 R2 environment ?
The second issue is that now it keeps on reloading the page once we login


If the problem is still not solved, try to change the Organization name to Defalult. Then you should see the full Orchestrator funtionalities.