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This is regarding getting a input box, similar to windows authentication, in the mid of flowchart. Where in the user will be given an interface to type in to login and then proceed with the flowchart.

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You can use “Input Dialog” activity.



If Adrian’s response is in accordance with your ISMS compliance, yes, if not you might what to take a look to Credentials Manager


hi @Ashok

by using input dialog activity and after that to support windows login functionality you can use windows credential manager to store a username and password first time then for login again use that credential manager.

you can use credential activity to achieve this and for this you can go with this link, as mentioned by @beesheep

To know more about Windows credential manager, check this link:



Hi Ashok,

RequestCredential activity might be what you are looking for.
You can enter there in one dialog both username and password.




You are right. request credential exactly what I needed. I was able to do it post to installation credential.activities package.

Thanks everyone!!

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