Email Automation - Help Please


i am new at UiPath and i am trying to learn different processes that i am doing manually on my pc.
I am getting everyday a specific mail from a friend and this email contains a scanned pdf which should be downloaded and saved with an new name, Then i am extracting different Information of this pdf and put this Information in a Excel table.
I could do the email Automation, downloading the specific scanned pdf and save it, but NOT with a new name - i don´t know how this can be done. In the next step “read PDF with OCR” does not function, so i try the Recording and use a converting Software which can convert more scanned PDF to Excel.
Can anybody help me please. Just Show me how i rename or give a attached file a new file and convert it into Excel or Word. !!!
Thanks a Lot


Yet no one can achieve this, So u can Use Move Activity to Change your File Name…


Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:
Can you give me an Example ?