Email Automation - Help Please

i am new at UiPath and i am trying to learn different processes that i am doing manually on my pc.
I am getting everyday a specific mail from a friend and this email contains a scanned pdf which should be downloaded and saved with an new name, Then i am extracting different Information of this pdf and put this Information in a Excel table.
I could do the email Automation, downloading the specific scanned pdf and save it, but NOT with a new name - i don´t know how this can be done. In the next step “read PDF with OCR” does not function, so i try the Recording and use a converting Software which can convert more scanned PDF to Excel.
Can anybody help me please. Just Show me how i rename or give a attached file a new file and convert it into Excel or Word. !!!
Thanks a Lot

Yet no one can achieve this, So u can Use Move Activity to Change your File Name…

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:
Can you give me an Example ?


Sorry for late replay,

Use Move file activity,
then point out your input file path and output destination file path.

On that destination file path, you can change the file name based on your’s.

For example: -
Input file path : “C:\Sample.xlsx”
Destination Path : “C:\Sample1.xlsx”

Poovarasan Gunasekaran

Hi @leventbaran
first check data you are getting from read pdf with ocr is correct or not , if it is correct then do the string manipulation on that and build the data table and write it to the excel . if you use any external predefined activity that convert pdf to word or excel then it won’t be useful because in word you will get the image of the pdf so you can’t extract data from that and in excel you will get the data in the first column so it is also not useful.
And for renaming the file, you can use move file activity.