End of expression required

I am trying*g to add body in HTTP request activity, but when I try to do so I am getting End of expression error please help me to overcome this.

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Use an assign Acivitiy
Left side: strXMLBody
right side:
concat the lines like following

"<xml version='1.0' ..... />" & Environment.NewLine &
"<report .... >" & Environment.NewLine &

and create the XMLString by e.g. XDocument.Parse(strXMLBody).toString

or use a template text file

Hi @komal.v.konduru

Please make the change in your body as mentioned below,

version=““1.0"” encoding=”“UTF-8"” standalone=““yes””?>

Try this and let me know whether it’s working or not. Thanks.

Happy Automation

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Hi @vignesh.ks
I tried as you said but sad to say it was not working as expected
It says string constants should end with double-quotes.
Please look at the screenshot attached

Thanks and regards.

hi @ppr
I am giving that as input in the body section in the HTTP request. So cant use assign activity in the workflow.
Thanks and regards

you can prepare a variable in advance and using this within the body section of the HTTP Request activity.

But also you can combine both suggestion:

  • using the double quote from Komal
  • using the line concatenation from above

Hi @komal.v.konduru

Make the string as one line and try. Attached screen shot for your reference.

Thanks. Happy Automation

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