Unable to use JSON input in PUT request via http request activity


I have a JSON input that I am trying to push as a PUT request for ServiceNow API, but I am getting the following error : ‘End of Expression expected’.
Any thoughts on this?

P.S : I have enclosed the JSON within double quotes and passing it as a string.

Hi @Santa_Krish ,

Are you sending the json payload as json body in the http request. In that case better keep that raw json input in the text file and use read text file activity to read the whole json as string and pass that string output in json body while using http activity.

And also please confirm whether you already tested by using postman or some other api check tools. Thanks

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Ensure also that the inner Double quotes are escaped with an additional Double quote. For spanning the json string over multiple Linea WE do Concat Line by Line when using rhs from assign Activity.

Maybe you can share a Screenshot from the failing Activity aling with the details

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