End of expression expected

Hello I am new here. I am doing a simple exercise from RPA Developer and am running into an error message. Compiler error(s) encountered processing expression “2019 – BirthYear”.
End of expression expected. Nummer variabele.xaml

Hi @timokras,

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The output of the InputDailog will return you an generic variable(Change the Variable type to Int32)

While substracting - Convert the Generic variable to Int32 and then substract.

The variable Age should be of type Int32.

Try This -

2019 - Convert.toInt32(BirthYear)


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The variable Age was already type Int32. When i changed into 2019 - Convert.toInt32(BirthYear) it worked!
I only do not get what went wrong. The variables BirthYear and Age were both set on Int32. The only change i made now was Convert.toInt32(BirthYear) in stead of 2019 – BirthYear

Thanks already Mukesh!

Okay , Ideally it should not happen. I think you would have typed some extra characters in the assign .

iI you want - You can retry by just typing 2019-BirthYear.

If All Good, Pls Mark Solution and close the Topic.


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