Problems with Leap Year activity (Level 1 Lesson 2 Control Flow)

I am working through the Control Flow activities exactly as presented in the Ui Path Foundation Training. I am having trouble using the following condition as part of a Do While loop: ‘year mod <> 0’. I have defined the ‘year’ variable as an integer but I can’t even run the flow as I keep getting an error 'Compile error(s) encountered processing expression “year mod <> 0”. XML name expected.

As mentioned, I am following the steps EXACTLY as done in the training and so very frustrated that I am wasting my time trying to figure this out. I saw posts on this from a year ago but never saw a solution, I’ve uploaded a screen grab that shows the error along with the definition of the ‘year’ variable. I’m sure someone is going to say it’s a problem with the flow/logic but I don’t think that’s the problem. Appreciate any help from someone that figured this out. Thanks!.

@davidSSSUi, Seems you are missing out an Divisor.

Eg : Condition should be year mod 4 <> 0

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Hi Dom,

What is a Divisor? And how to fix it if it is missing? We are following the tutorial? So why does the video not have this issue but we are facing it?

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The divisor is the 4 that is not being entered, the original poster did not include year mod 4 <> 0 which threw the error.


You can use DateTime in build function as below and get result in Boolean.

int inYear = 2000


Dear expert out there, i’m attending the foundation currently at course Lesson 2: Creating a leap year. When i follow the instructor method, i’m getting error " Compiler error(s) encountered processing expression “year mode 4 = 0”.
End of expression expected.

Try the following condition:
a) year mode 4 = 0
b) year mod 4 <> 0 (Compiler error(s) encountered processing expression “year mod 4 <> 0”.
Argument not specified for parameter ‘DateValue’ of ‘Public Function Year(DateValue As Date) As Integer’.)

Unable to proceed to next course.

Please help.

Another screenshot for your reference:

Hi @itfirsttech

Your year variable neesd to be an Integer for this to work. It is most likely a DateTime variable, given your error message.

I recalled that i have change from String to Integer but still facing the same error, No worry as of now because i have download the instructor lesson file as future reference. Thank you.

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I have faced the same issue and resolved with below points.Try it out.

  1. year data type int32.
    2.I have changed the scope of variable year to sequence.