Problems with Leap Year activity (Level 1 Lesson 2 Control Flow)


I am working through the Control Flow activities exactly as presented in the Ui Path Foundation Training. I am having trouble using the following condition as part of a Do While loop: ‘year mod <> 0’. I have defined the ‘year’ variable as an integer but I can’t even run the flow as I keep getting an error 'Compile error(s) encountered processing expression “year mod <> 0”. XML name expected.

As mentioned, I am following the steps EXACTLY as done in the training and so very frustrated that I am wasting my time trying to figure this out. I saw posts on this from a year ago but never saw a solution, I’ve uploaded a screen grab that shows the error along with the definition of the ‘year’ variable. I’m sure someone is going to say it’s a problem with the flow/logic but I don’t think that’s the problem. Appreciate any help from someone that figured this out. Thanks!.


@davidSSSUi, Seems you are missing out an Divisor.

Eg : Condition should be year mod 4 <> 0

Dom :slight_smile: