End of Expression error message during UIPath Academy String lesson

I am completing the String section of the UIPath academy. I am trying to follow along with the video, but keep getting error messages. As far as I can tell, I have done everything exactly as has happened in the video, but I still get the errors (this has happened on a couple I’ve done so far).

It is the lesson on strings, and I have error messages in 3 of 4 assign activities (I’ve posted the expressions below). I’m obviously doing something wrong so hoping someone can point me in the right direction.



String.Format(“Availability for {0}: {1}”,author, StringJoin(“;” +vBCr,bookstores))

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Hi @chickey,

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Can you attach the xaml file so that we can see what is the error you are getting & rectify it.

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  1. .first and . last in your string there dot(.) Is missing
  2. in the second string manipulation in splits method c in between double quotes

And also check messages variable .it should be string nor generic
And one thing notes that variable where you store this string after manipulation

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thanks for the message. worked perfectly. very much appreciate the assist

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Happy to help

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