Enable Uipath extension in incognito mode with automation


I want to activate Incognito mode in Uipath Extension with a robot, but i can’t found a good solution for me…
I trying with “Insert JS code” but seems no work in modern design.

Anyone have solution ?

Thanks !

Hey @Christopher_p

You want to open the browser in incognito mode ?


Hello @Christopher_p ,

Perhaps you should use the Open Broswer activity (link: https://docs.uipath.com/activities/docs/open-browser ) and tick the “Private” option.


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Hi Marius, Nithinkrishna,

I don’t want incognito mode of Chrome. I want incognito mode for extension, here, in the UiPath Extension settings.

And Open Browser doesn’t exist in my version, it’s an old activity, so i use “Use Application/Browser”

had you cross checked the followings?

Yes, i already look this, but i can’t use this in my company :confused:

I see we can do it with “Inject JS Script”, but i don’t know how can i do it

You are in modern design @Christopher_p

Go to projrect panel → Settings symbol (slightly below to debug file button)-> Disable the modern design there your studio will get reloaded and you find the open browser in activities.

Checkout this link for the detailed steps

After you get the open browser activity you can enable private property so that incognito window will get oppened. In the normal chrome extension go to uipath extension and enable allow in incognito


After that the extension will works in incognito
So you will not need a separate extension.



Thanks for your help. I know i’m in Modern Design, but my company want we develop robot in modern Design.

If it’s not possible, i can negociate for do this without Modern Design but if you have another solution i am interested. :sob:


HI @Christopher_p

So after enabling this in your extention

In use browser/application activity you have a option to open in incognito


My robot already opens Chrome in private browsing. My goal is to have it also check the extension automatically to use it in private browsing.

I saw that you can do this in JS but I’m not sure how to do it :confused: