Enable Forms AI

I am watching recently presented Forms AI feature: Forms AI - no-code AI for document processing - YouTube

Does anyone know how to enable this feature to test it?


Hi @dokumentor

  1. Go to the Automation cloud home.
  2. Click on Admin

Select the yellow highlighted button for the Tenant options.
4)Select Tenant Settings.

you can enable your provision services that can reflect in the left panel of the Automation Cloud home.

Thanks @Ganesh_Preetam_Kopparapu for your response. I did that but I don’t see an specific entry for Document Understanding / Forms AI. I have an enterprise account (Trial)

In the video you can see Document Understanding Formas AI with the preview label. I think I can’t access because it is not available for general public. If someone have more information about it please confirm. Thanks!

Hi Gabriel,

Forms AI is not yet GA so it cannot be enabled yet.

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