How to activate Document Understading License on an existing Enterprise Licensed Tenant?

Hey everyone,

My team just bought the Document Understanding License and received the License Key. Now we are trying to follow the steps in the documentation sent, but there are steps only for activating in a Community Plan Tenant.

How can we add Document Understanding feature to our existing Enterprise licensed Tenant?

Thanks in advance.

Well, I think in the same way as for community edition, right?

we tried it, but we haven’t found the “Activate” button in our License Page.

Try reaching UiPath customer service, the forum is for the community but you should get professional suport because you paid

Yes, I actually opened a case in UiPath support like 3h ago, but I had no answers yet.

Either way, Thank you @raool90 for your attention

Yeah, their customer support is very slow. Patience helps

UiPath support answered us and solved the issue.

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