Enable Coverage Calculation In Test Set


As above, how do you enable the Coverage Calculation in a test set?
In the Orchestrator, when viewing the details of an executed Test Case there is a tab for Coverage, and the following message.

However I cannot find the option in my Test Set to enable this coverage anywhere…
Can anyone point me to it? I know how to use the Test Coverage in Studio and its really useful, but the whole point of using Test Manager is to do it automatically and in a different session right? I want it in my Orchestrator too.

Is this radio-button:

You can set it either when creating the test set, or when editing it later.

Hi @agi,

Are you able to confirm this option is available starting which studio/orch version?

We are using 2020.10.7 orchestrator version and don’t see this option to enable coverage.


My Test Manager Layout is different. I don’t seem to have that option at all.
I am using the Cloud version, perhaps it is in preview so perhaps they have goofed and forgot that option. Are you using on prem?

It is a feature from Orchestrator (it looks like you are searching for it in Test Manager). It is a recent one (added at the end of August, according to the Release Notes ( August 2021 (uipath.com) ).

HI @agi,

Thanks for your response.

I was trying to do in orchestrator only but now I understand why I couldn’t find it as we are on 20.10.9 version but this feature looks like just got available so it would be a part of studio version 21.


Its a shame you chose to cut off your screenshot where you did then so I couldn’t see where you were doing it, in my original post I think it was clear I was looking at Test Sets in Test Manager.
As a new feature this its not to be expected that we have the knowledge that Test Sets can be made from the Test Manager and in a folder in Orchestrator and those two methods differ in what is available regarding Test Coverage…

The info message is really bad in my opinion too. If my Test Set, made in Test Manager, cannot have Coverage enabled then why is it telling me to go to it to try.
I’d strongly urge the developers to put a more meaningful message indicating that only Orchestrator Test Sets have this feature but Test Manager Test Sets do not.

I’d also urge you do give clearer answers on posts like this, I think it was clear from the context of my post I was looking in Test Manager for this option. For example this is how I would answer.

Test Coverage is only available when you make a Test Set directly in a folder Orchestrator. See the screenshot below, when you make a Test Set in the Test Manager this option is not available to you.

Hi Jon_Smith,
I’m sorry for the confusion. I didn’t realized you talk about having this feature in Test Manager, I though you are talking about Orchestrator.

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